The Frog Prince Musical

The Frog Prince Musical

The next app project by Sunshine Musicals is going to be the classic fairy tale of ‘The Frog Prince”.

There is nothing much to show or say about this project yet.  We haven’t started the illustrations yet, but we do have two of the songs fully recorded!

Here’s the back story…

Back when I first got the idea to write children’s musicals I decided to do the story of “The Frog Prince”.  I chose this story because Disney hadn’t done it.  I wrote 7 songs, made David orchestrate them, hired an extremely talented boy to sing the part of the frog, and all was progressing great.  Then, one of my voice students told me that in fact, Disney was about to come out with a version of The Frog Prince called “The Princess and the Frog”.  I was so upset.  For some reason I thought this was the worst news ever.  I spent about a week fretting, and finally decided to take all of the songs I had written and transform them somehow to work for the Fairytale “The Snow Queen”.  This actually worked for 5 of the seven songs I had written.

For example… the song from the Snow Queen Musical “It’s springtime here forever” used to be a song called “A pony for my birthday” from The Frog Prince.

The song “Winter Snow” from The Snow Queen Musical used to be “Golden Ball” from the Frog Prince.

If you do the math, you see I still have 2 songs left over!  So, I am going to use those two songs, possibly produce a third, and go ahead and do The Frog Prince!   The plan is to have it out for the holidays, and I actually think we are going to be able to do it.

This long story is probably only interesting to my mom, but that is how it happened :)

Stay tuned for updates on “The Frog Prince Musical”