About Sunshine Musicals

About Sunshine Musicals

Sunshine Musicals came about for one reason… to write musicals for children.

The first incarnation of the idea was to write and record a musical.  I would write it, my husband who is an amazing orchestrator would do the production… we would bring in some actors and singers to give it a drama and a dynamic edge.

This was the original idea.  I thought I would sell the CD’s on Amazon or something.  Then, someone (my mother) suggested that we add a book.  So as I worked on the music I also drew some pictures to go with it.  They totally sucked!

In the mean time my daughter was downloading Storybook app after storybook app… and she LOVED them!

This led me to morph the musical book into a musical app.  I stopped sketching (for which you will thank me) and I hired the brilliant illustrators from Blue Monkey Studio.  I never in my wildest dreams expected such amazing artwork.. but I got it!

So I had wonderful art, and the music…. my husband went totally crazy with his orchestration and it sounds so amazing.  Being musicians and living in Los Angeles made us very lucky in that we were able to bring in great singers and actors to help us finish up the audio.

This left the programming, which I have been doing myself with the help of some 3rd party software.  Since I have been obsessing over this app, I have made every character move, every word light up, and as much interactivity as I could cram in.  There are four coloring pages which my kids love.

Working on the app has been a delicate dance of keeping one eyeball on my kids and both hands on my shiny new MAC.  But, it is worth it.  I am so proud of this app.  I feel like we created something that our kids and you kids will love.  I hope you like it.  It will be coming out in March!

After that… I already have another one planned.  The story of a Frog who wants to fly.  I have the songs ready to record, the illustrator ready to work and a Frog already in mind to sing the songs.  If you are interested in learning the latest updates please follow us on FB and twitter.