What is a Book and Could you Write One? How 27 authors Did!


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Karen Guinn Robertson of www.digitalkids.com and author of the very successful “Treasure Kai” children’s book apps has just written this wonderful ebook for authors aspiring to write a book app!  It features the stories of 27 different authors who created their apps in 27 very different ways, and I am very proud to be one of the 27 authors featured!

What I am in fact even more proud of is that my picture is on the cover of this book, and Karen took my picture from my google Pic.

My google pic happens to be me, with a photoshopped Rhinestone Eyepatch.  One day I was debating whether or not I would get a glass eye or wear a eyepatch in the event of an accident that affected my eye.  I decided to do a mock up, and liked the eye patch picture so much I used it in all my social networks for a bit.  The end result… a very arrrrsome picture!

Thank you Karen for putting this book together!  It will be an amazing resource for authors!

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